• Check out the sample scripts
  • Re-write the sample scripts or write your own with your business name etc.
  • Copy and paste your FINAL scripts into the form. 
  • Choose a voice
  • Wait a short time for a response with a Quote.
  • Once you accept the quote, you send the finalized script
  • We will provide you with a mp3 or wav files for your answering system
  • Final payment by PayPal. 


kim feMALE
  • Female age 30-60
  • NA Neutral Accent 
  • 30 years experience


bob MALE
  • Male age 50-60 .
  • NAmerican neutral
  • 30 years experience


dan MALE
  • Male age 30 - 50
  • NAmerican neutral
  • 10 years experience


debbie FEMALE
  • FEMALE AGE 30 - 60
  • American
  • 30 years experience


Voice Choice

I will get back to you with a quote ASAP before recording.

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